Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Note from the Author...

Unfortunately I feel the time has come for me to stop writing Fluff's blog, that's not to say I won't ever pick up from where I left off. My decision comes after realising that, while I love Fluff, I'm no longer enjoying writing this blog... I'm forcing myself to post and the writing is suffering as a result. I'm also studying Creative Writing at university which means much of my time is taken up by reading and writing that needs to be done for class.

While it may be the end of Fluff and her friends (for now at least), it isn't the end of me! I am in the process of setting up a 'creative non-fiction' blog, which I will be co-writing. I'll post a link and once "Confessions of" is up and running. I'll also be setting up a blog following my writing progress, from the novel I am starting (using NaNo as a kick start though it hasn't worked in the past), to work for my degree.

Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed this blog!

Anne K

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Minty Fresh

I'm back at school now, I had a great time at home! Iggy was very busy most of the time I was there so I spent a lot of my time in the garden with Mr S. and The Sheep, Minty. Minty still doesn't do much except eat grass but he is lovely and soft. Mr S. helped me to eat the Marmite crisps, they were a bit chewy but quite tasty considering they were well past the use by date.

I have my flying exam again during the week, I hope I pass. Spike wants me to come with him to floor 513, he's sure there is something odd about the level but can't quite work out what it is.

The school is still very quiet and Octavia is driving Spike mad, worst of all it seems she can't even remember what happened to her while she went missing.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of the mystery soon.


Friday, 8 August 2008

Floor 213 and Other Very Bad Ideas...

Floor 213 was exactly where it was meant to be, always a good thing. I had a hunt around but there was nothing unusual, 12 doors along a corridor the same as the other levels. The end wall had a very nice dragon painted onto it (other levels are rather plain) but a painting never hurt anyone.

I'm afraid to say I got rather carried away with my exploration and didn't hear the sound of claws clicking along the flagstones until it was too late. Luckily for me it wasn't a teacher who had discovered me, unfortunately it was Octavia. After several minutes of interrogating me she decided to hang around and I haven't been able to get her to leave me alone since.

The next idea I had was to track down the source of the mysterious noise... which I still haven't heard. It didn't occur to me that you can't track a noise you can't hear, until I discovered what I assumed was it. Strange as it was there was nothing mysterious about it, it turned out to be cook honeydew snoring and she gave me a very long lecture about sneaking up on creatures when they are sleeping before returning to her cooking. This, I feel, would be a very good explanation for the charred dinners.

Tonight I am off to explore lower down, I want to try and reach floor 513 at least! Will have to give Octavia the slip, she's becoming rather annoying now. She still won't tell me what happened to her.

Got to go, I'm not meant to be in the Communication centre this late.


Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fluff was right?!?

This is the first time I've been at the school without Fluff or Ruby. Everyone seems to have gone home. There are good and bad sides to this. With no one here I get more freedom, oh and there's no one patrolling the lower corridors. It also means there is plenty of Honeydew's cooking to go round... definitely not a good point!

I went for a bit of wander around the school yesterday... OK I was being nosey and trying to see what areas I could get away with exploring. I won't explain exactly how I came to overhear Sulfire and another dragon talking (because I would probably get into a lot of trouble... and I don't want others to copy me), but I did. They were saying something about the dungeons being on level 1313 which means that a) you would have a lot of stairs to go down (could explain the missing engineers?) and b) it is a very dangerous floor to be on (floors with 13 in seem to like travelling). They were also talking about a strange sound (I haven't heard anything odd yet) and Sulfire was actually sounding quite worried.

I have to say, I'm starting to think Fluff was right, something is definitely going on. I'm going to start my detective work on floor 213... if it's there...


Saturday, 26 July 2008

Pink Dragon Down

The exam was a complete disaster! Spike, of course, passed his easily but I still can't stay off the ground for long. My wings have a mind of their own, nothing can control them. While attempting to perform a loop (it looked more like a headstand) I nearly knocked myself out on the floor. We have to pass basic flight before we can start level 2 and I can't even do half of it.

I have 2 weeks holiday before I have to come back for summer flying lessons. That means I get 2 weeks with Iggy... I'm so excited! Tabitha may be able to visit for a few days too. I wonder what Mr S has been up to, I hope the sheep didn't get him.

Got to get myself ready for the P.B.T. home.

Seeya soon

Fluff xx

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Curse of the Missing Engineers...

3 months ago a couple of rather worried looking engineers arrived at the school to fix the heating system. They haven't been seen since. I know the smell from down there was bad, but I don't think it would be enough to knock them out for that long. The worst part of it is they didn't even fix anything, it still smells awful! I heard a couple of the teachers complaining about the cost of the call out fee, £20 an hour for 3 months and counting... it's good job the school has a Treasure Hall.

I'm going to have to go down there and take a look myself, Spike will probably come too. First of all I have to get through my end of year flying exam tomorrow... I need a miracle for that.

Fluff x

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Fluffy is such a girl!

Honestly, she is a total girl. As soon as she hears about anything odd, she immediately thinks it's going to be an adventure. Everybody knows that DeathClaw doesn't exist, I mean come on, he'd be like absolutely ancient by now. Can't you just imagine it? "Oh my fiery breath, it's DeathClaw... Run! Oh wait, don't panic, he's forgotten his dentures."

I'm a firm believer the kitchens are down there, which would account for the awful smell. (If cook Honeydew reads this I am soo dead.)

Before I go, I just want to say thanks to Fluff for letting me post here!


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Anything for a bit of quiet...

I've had Spike complaining about the fact I don't mention him enough when I post, he has a lot to say apparently. I've decided to let him post although I may regret it...

I overheard Octavia talking to Sulfire about a dragon called DeathClaw. From what I've heard of Dragon Lore since I got here, DeathClaw was a very powerful, very nasty piece of dragon. Definitely not someone you would want to meet. He was also the last recorded dragon slain by a Knight, Sir Patrick Farnell I think. The curious thing was Octavia was speaking as though he wasn't quite as dead as believed, we only have human records to go by so it is possible he just held his breath for a day or two. Come to think of it, Sir Farnell's history after that event is a little patchy, I wonder what happened to him. Anyway, Sulfire didn't seem too bothered and said it was probably just the P.B.T back causing interference with her memory. I guess he knows best.

Oh and the smell is getting worse.

Fluff xx

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bully's Back and What IS that smell?

You wont believe what a week this has been! Firstly the Head Dragon has tracked down Octavia and brought her back, personally I wouldn't have bothered but you know what adults are like about these things. We were all gathered together in a huge assembly hall (and I mean huge, there's a lot of dragon to fit in...) and told that we are not to wander around the school unaccompanied.

Apparently Octavia (although she didn't mention names) had a very lucky escape, whole floors can just randomly stop existing. The one she was on just went to another location (no one will say where though) and other than getting a pretty nasty shock (she hasn't bullied anyone for a whole week so it must have been bad) she is unharmed. So, exploring the school is out of the question... technically.

There is also a rather unpleasant smell coming from the dungeons. I didn't even know there were dungeons although that is quite an exciting thought. Sulfire (fire breathing teacher) said it was a problem with the heating system but I'm not convinced.

I'm going to keep my ears open for any information on what's going on down there and see if Octavia lets anything slip about her trip.

Oh, I got an email from Iggy too, he say's all is well at home and that Tabitha has gone home now but has left me 3 packets of marmite crisps. I think they will be out of date by the time I get home to eat them. Do best before dates matter for dragons?

Seeya soon!

Fluff xx

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Missing Floors and Flying Lessons

Thought I should let you know floor 213 turned up for a day or two so it can't be going very far. Unfortunately Octavia from class 4 was still somewhere on the floor when it vanished again. I say unfortunately although I'm afraid to admit I thought it was fortunate; Octavia is the biggest bully in the first year. I still plan to find out where it goes to, maybe I'll hitch a lift next time it appears?

I mentioned when I first arrived that I was off to a flying lesson so I thought I'd let you know how they're going. Simply put, they're not. I think I am the worst flyer known to livingkind, yes the entire livingkind not just dragon- or mankind. There must be some secret to getting wings co-ordinated, mine just seem to do whatever they fancy. Spike is a brilliant flyer, he has even been put forward for the intermediate flyers classes. I'll be happy just to be able to hover more than a few seconds off the ground, I look more like a jumping bean than a graceful dragon. If anyone has any tips I'd be very grateful... flying exams are in a few months time!

Seeya soon

Fluff x

P.S. Spike wants me to ask why most humans seem to think dragons are green?

P.P.S You don't have to answer that, I think he just wanted to have his name on the post.

Friday, 18 January 2008

A somewhat intriguing discovery...

I must admit I took longer to update than I had intended which is due in part to the rather intriguing discovery I have made... or should that be, that I haven't made? Before I explain what I mean I'll tell you about Spike and Ruby because they play a part in this discovery.

Spike is a blue dragon from Ireland, he won't tell me where exactly but I'm sure he'll let it slip eventually. He is completely mad (in a good way) and loves mashed potato. He doesn't live with a human family, he says he lives with the fairies but I'm not sure whether he is joking or not.

Ruby is a red dragon from America where she lives with her parents (actual dragon parents) which is apparently very rare these days. She claims she is Puff the dragon's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter but spike says she just likes saying great and that she's actually only his great-great granddaughter.

Anyway, now for the exciting stuff! Last week the three of us decided to go exploring, I mean who wouldn't after hearing a rumour that Smaug's treasure is hidden somewhere in the school? We set off to the pit (that's what we all call the staircase because it has so many floors it looks like a bottomless pit) and started to go down the levels until we reached floor 13. More to the point we didn't reach floor 13... the floors went straight from 12 to 14. Stranger still was the fact that there appeared to be a gap where it should have been.

Most sensible dragons would have made a note of this oddity and carried on exploring the levels but we decided to find out whether it was all 13's that were missing or just this one. Unfortunately the next 13 is 100 floors down and of course when we discovered that one was missing we checked 213 which was also gone. By this point it was dinnertime and aside from the fact we had no idea how many more 13s we had the chance of not finding, we were left with the slight problem of a lot of stairs to go back up!

Seeya soon

Fluff x

P.S Spike says Hi!