Friday, 7 December 2007

It's off to school I go!

Just thought it was about time I gave you a quick update on what's been happening. I managed to get my books through the Dragon School Bookshop, one was delivered here, the others will be waiting for me when I arrive at school.

Speaking of school, I leave in a couple of hours! We have a second year dragon rep. coming round to escort me there. Flying is banned until we've passed an exam so we have to travel by something called P.B.T. Apparently it stands for Portable Bermuda Triangle... I think it's pretty obvious what it's named after. From what I've heard, it works along the same lines as the actual Bermuda Triangle although on a much smaller scale... It wouldn't do to have half of England disappear suddenly. I've been informed to drink lots of ginger beer, it helps with the effects of travelling via P.B.T and also (according to How to avoid...) is an excellent dragon breath freshener.

The school has all the latest gadgets so I'll be able to carry on posting from my room, just think, my very own scratch/claw proof computer! Anyway, I have to go and finish packing the last of my things, I'll post again as soon as I've settled in and tell you all about the school. I'm so excited I could sing... if only my vocal cords were designed for it.

See ya soon,

Fluff xx


Angus said...

You'll have a fantastic time, Fluffy. Keep us posted!

The Maybe Girl said...

Just managed to sneak on. The school is amazing! I'll make sure I post about it soon. Just getting ready for my first flying lesson!