Monday, 31 December 2007

School, Glorious School!

Let me just start by saying never ever travel by PBT, I think my stomach has only just caught up with the rest of my body. Ginger beer definitely does not help… some of that has just recently caught up too, not pleasant. Anyway, I promised to tell you all about school.

The school is absolutely massive; I suppose it would have to be with over 300 dragons living there. It’s hidden away under Loch Ness and its entrance is near the ruins of Urqhuart castle. Two water dragons (Anessya and Elwyind) guard the loch as well, helps to keep humans away from the school. Obviously I can’t tell you exactly how to find the entrance or how to get in, it would be far too dangerous for a human to know.

I share my room with 12 other first years. It sounds similar to human schools, with everyone split into four houses: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. That doesn’t happen until the end of the first year though, until then we are just classes 1, 2, 3 and 4. I’m in class 3.

I have 2 new friends, Spike and Ruby. They both share the same room as me but only Spike is in class three, Ruby is class 1. I’ll tell you more about them next time.

Apparently there are things hidden in the school, I’m not sure what exactly but I intend to find out!

See ya Soon

Fluff xx

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