Friday, 18 January 2008

A somewhat intriguing discovery...

I must admit I took longer to update than I had intended which is due in part to the rather intriguing discovery I have made... or should that be, that I haven't made? Before I explain what I mean I'll tell you about Spike and Ruby because they play a part in this discovery.

Spike is a blue dragon from Ireland, he won't tell me where exactly but I'm sure he'll let it slip eventually. He is completely mad (in a good way) and loves mashed potato. He doesn't live with a human family, he says he lives with the fairies but I'm not sure whether he is joking or not.

Ruby is a red dragon from America where she lives with her parents (actual dragon parents) which is apparently very rare these days. She claims she is Puff the dragon's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter but spike says she just likes saying great and that she's actually only his great-great granddaughter.

Anyway, now for the exciting stuff! Last week the three of us decided to go exploring, I mean who wouldn't after hearing a rumour that Smaug's treasure is hidden somewhere in the school? We set off to the pit (that's what we all call the staircase because it has so many floors it looks like a bottomless pit) and started to go down the levels until we reached floor 13. More to the point we didn't reach floor 13... the floors went straight from 12 to 14. Stranger still was the fact that there appeared to be a gap where it should have been.

Most sensible dragons would have made a note of this oddity and carried on exploring the levels but we decided to find out whether it was all 13's that were missing or just this one. Unfortunately the next 13 is 100 floors down and of course when we discovered that one was missing we checked 213 which was also gone. By this point it was dinnertime and aside from the fact we had no idea how many more 13s we had the chance of not finding, we were left with the slight problem of a lot of stairs to go back up!

Seeya soon

Fluff x

P.S Spike says Hi!

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