Friday, 30 November 2007

The Art of Fire

I forgot to e-mail the school but it would seem Dragon School isn't actually optional, I just received a letter anyway, saying that I have now been enrolled. I got sent a reading list as well, where on earth do you by books for dragon school? The big bookshop in town thought Iggy was joking when he asked if they could get The Art of Fire: Combustible Snot for Beginners. I think there must be an online bookshop, I'll have to check.

Other books included were:
  • A Brief History of Mankind (apparently only 4 pages long)
  • A Concise Overview of Dragonlore (10 Books! Not pages, whole books!)
  • Humans - Friend or Food?
  • How to Avoid Hero Breath, and other useful tips.
I don't know what the lessons will include but I'm starting to look forward to it now, not long to wait!


Wilf said...

Tee-hee. I think this could be the making of you, Fluffy. You might even get to change your name to something more butch.

The Maybe Girl said...

yes, a more fearsome name would be good. Only a few more days till I go :)