Sunday, 11 November 2007

Whatever next?

Three days ago the strangest thing yet happened... a letter arrived. For me. It came though the letterbox with all the other post, it was a bit warm and scorched several bills but no one really minded that. Anyway, it cleared up any of the doubts I may have had about my identity I can tell you. This is the letter:

So you see, it's official. I am a dragon. A snot combusting, firebreathing, purple scaled, sharp clawed, large winged, highly intelligent dragon. I'm not to sure what this dragon school is though, I don't think I'll apply I like it here with Iggy.

Fluff x


Wilf said...

Go to dragon school! What an opportunity, it'll be like Hogwarts - with fire!

The Maybe Girl said...

Now you mention it... all that snot combusting in one building, I hope the walls aren't flammable.

I suppose it could be interesting. I was actually quite disappointed these letters don't get delivered by owl or dragon or something. I think the postman would have preferred it too, he was wearing thick gloves today, just in case.