Monday, 22 October 2007

Mad dogs and crazy Englishmen

Tabitha is still staying with the family so my Marmite crisp supply is still good although she decided chocolate spread wasn't good for me. Is chocolate spread good for anyone?

The sheep continues to do... not a lot. I very nearly (accidentally I hasten to add) barbecued it but it happened to move just as I sneezed so the disaster was averted. I think Mr S. may have spent too much time observing it, it seems to be quite attached to him.

Iggy had his friend round to visit for the last 2 days and I have to say he is the strangest boy I have ever met (not that I've met that many). He agreed with Tabitha that I am not a dog, which is an acceptable assumption and I too have been wondering this. It was after this that he got strange, perhaps even a little mad (the crazy, nutty, lost your marbles kind of mad). We were sat in the kitchen, myself, Tabitha, Iggy and his friend Max. Tabitha was feeding me Marmite crisps and Max was staring at me with a slightly horrified expression (not everyone likes marmite so I wasn't alarmed). "Where did you say you got it?" he asked Iggy.
It? It? Whatever next.

"Dunno really, she just sorta turned up one day, she looked a bit of a mess so we took her in." I can't really remember much about how I ended up here but I'm sure I could never have looked a mess!

"You know she's not a dog right?" I stared at him and he made a weird squeaking type noise I wasn't aware humans made. "She's a... erm... a... You have a pet dragon!"

I couldn't help it... I honestly tried not to but I laughed. Somehow the laugh triggered some sort of nasal combustion again and the beautiful flowers in the middle of the table weren't quite as beautiful any more. When I tried to point out that dragons are not real Max fainted. I'm hoping it was due to shock rather than my breath but Tabitha gave me a mint just in case.

I can't be a dragon can I? I mean... they don't exist! I'm so confused.

Fluff x


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