Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Is it a cloud, is it a plane, no it's... really boring

Well, I'm a bit concerned about The Sheep. It started making some very odd sounds earlier, a sort of 'blarghhhhhhh'. Is it normal for them to do that?

I did a bit of research about sheep. Apparently you can tell how old a sheep is by looking at it's teeth. I wonder if that works for humans too? Can't say I'd like to stick my paws in their mouth though. I tried with Iggy but he didn't think much of the idea. I also found out that they run when they are afraid, so The Sheep is either very brave or very stupid because so far I've only seen it move to go to the loo and to eat.

I'm going to go with very stupid.

And now for Tabitha! That's her on the right, she's Iggy's cousin but she is staying with the family for a while because of some decorating at home. She's only 4 and sometimes thinks it's fun to pull my tail. I don't mind because she feeds me chocolate spread and Marmite crisps (not at the same time though because that would be disgusting).

She likes to dress up and told me this morning that I'm not a dog. Coming from a girl who says she's a dragon I wasn't too worried, we all know dragons don't exist.

Oh, I even managed not to set fire to anything today, or melt anything and I haven't stuck my claws through anything important, yet. I better go before I do.

Fluff x


DD said...

There are a lot of sheep round where I live. Sheep make blaarrrgh type noises a lot, sometimes they sound like they're being drowned and strangled at the same time. I don't speak sheep so I don't know what it means.

I shouldn't worry, the first sign of illness in a sheep is sudden death, and as yours is still alive it's probably OK.

Round here there are weresheep, there are signs saying "Beware Lambs" all over the moors to warn the tourists.

Angus said...

Do not talk to me about sheep - I had enough of them in Scotland. I like the look of Tabitha - very green.

The Maybe Girl said...

Ah, well it's still alive I think, as it doesn't do much it's a bit hard to tell. Weresheep? I'll have to keep an even closer eye on it.

Tabitha is not always that green, it's only on her dragon days. Come to think of it those are most days so she very nearly is always green.

Wilf said...

Cousins can be very tricky...