Friday, 21 September 2007

Ooops I did it again... and again... and again...

Ok, firstly I want to explain why it's taken so long for me to post. There are a few reasons behind this absence:

1. The combustible snot. After accidentally discovering how flame retardant most of the house furniture
wasn't, it was decided that it may be better if I didn't have access to the rather expensive computer. I can see the logic.

2. The growing. I've been growing... a lot. I spent 2 days stuck in the dog house backwards before Iggy realised I wasn't sulking but actually wedged so tightly that I was in danger of gassing myself if I farted. Wouldn't like to think what would happen if I sneezed too. Incidentally, claws are extremely difficult to type with, if you press too hard you can actually impale the keys on them.

3. The new pet. I'm not too sure what it is but it isn't a dog. Or a cat. Iggy says it's a sheep but I'm not convinced. It's all fluffy and 'cute' looking (Tabitha's description, certainly not mine) and makes strange noises. It doesn't appear to have a brain although I assume it does and I trust it even less than Mr S.

The move to the new site is also postponed, Iggy assures me he'll 'get round to it', he just doesn't want me to melt his PC.

Now for the news, Mr S and I have called a truce. Since the arrival of The Sheep we have been united in our mistrust and have set up a strict watch rota. If this so called sheep makes one wrong move we'll know about it... unless Mr S falls asleep again.

Oh and if you were wondering wh Tabitha is I'll explain all next tim. I hav t g nw, Iggy's cming and I hav tw lttrs stuck t my claws.

Fluff x

P.S. I wasn't hr, yu didn't just rad this...

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