Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bully's Back and What IS that smell?

You wont believe what a week this has been! Firstly the Head Dragon has tracked down Octavia and brought her back, personally I wouldn't have bothered but you know what adults are like about these things. We were all gathered together in a huge assembly hall (and I mean huge, there's a lot of dragon to fit in...) and told that we are not to wander around the school unaccompanied.

Apparently Octavia (although she didn't mention names) had a very lucky escape, whole floors can just randomly stop existing. The one she was on just went to another location (no one will say where though) and other than getting a pretty nasty shock (she hasn't bullied anyone for a whole week so it must have been bad) she is unharmed. So, exploring the school is out of the question... technically.

There is also a rather unpleasant smell coming from the dungeons. I didn't even know there were dungeons although that is quite an exciting thought. Sulfire (fire breathing teacher) said it was a problem with the heating system but I'm not convinced.

I'm going to keep my ears open for any information on what's going on down there and see if Octavia lets anything slip about her trip.

Oh, I got an email from Iggy too, he say's all is well at home and that Tabitha has gone home now but has left me 3 packets of marmite crisps. I think they will be out of date by the time I get home to eat them. Do best before dates matter for dragons?

Seeya soon!

Fluff xx

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