Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Anything for a bit of quiet...

I've had Spike complaining about the fact I don't mention him enough when I post, he has a lot to say apparently. I've decided to let him post although I may regret it...

I overheard Octavia talking to Sulfire about a dragon called DeathClaw. From what I've heard of Dragon Lore since I got here, DeathClaw was a very powerful, very nasty piece of dragon. Definitely not someone you would want to meet. He was also the last recorded dragon slain by a Knight, Sir Patrick Farnell I think. The curious thing was Octavia was speaking as though he wasn't quite as dead as believed, we only have human records to go by so it is possible he just held his breath for a day or two. Come to think of it, Sir Farnell's history after that event is a little patchy, I wonder what happened to him. Anyway, Sulfire didn't seem too bothered and said it was probably just the P.B.T back causing interference with her memory. I guess he knows best.

Oh and the smell is getting worse.

Fluff xx

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