Sunday, 18 February 2007

All Change...

Strange things are happening lately, first on the list is my fancy new colour. Gone is the golden tinge, replaced by a (rather fetching I must say) white and purple. As it turns out I'm also female, which is probably just as well with my new colouring. Iggy decided he wanted a professional pet portrait of me so we went for a trip into town yesterday. This is me (on the left) with my new look. Not sure what made me change colour, I didn't think that this kind of thing happened to dogs.

Second strange thing was when I got the hiccups. Doesn't sound too odd I know, but I'm sure normally you don't hiccup smoke... I know I never have in the past. It was because of this that I was taken on a trip to the vets, which was where the third thing occurred.

I sat with Iggy and his mum in the waiting room at the vets, on my best behaviour of course. No one seemed to take any notice of me but I didn't mind, it meant I could relieve myself under the chairs without being spotted... I knew I shouldn't have finished the whole bowl of water before we left. When we finally made it in to see the vet I was lifted onto the table. I felt quite nervous by this time, the room had posters off all sorts of evil looking bugs and things that live on pets.
Anyway, the vet walked in and started to say, "So what can I do for fluffy today..." before promptly screaming and running out of the room. I had a quick sniff in case I'd accidentally farted or something but I can assure you I hadn't. Iggy told me that this wasn't typical vet behaviour and that usually it was in fact the pets that would scream and run. I have to admit this made me feel even more nervous. The vet never returned, instead a nurse came in and said she was sorry but the surgery didn't deal with exotic pets.

I don't think I'll venture out too far again and just stick to the garden. Nothing there seems too alarmed by my presence, except for Mr S. next door who always seems slightly apprehensive when he sees me. I think that could be because I swapped his dish of milk for glue a week ago, hehe.

I wonder how long I'll be stuck hiccuping smoke... hope it isn't a sign I'm about to spontaneously combust.



DarK_RoniN said...

Hmm, good trick with replacing Mr S' milk with glue... (Gotta remember that one, lol)
That sounds weird about the vet... Ah well, maybe he was just under a lot of stress that day. There's only so many cats coughing up furballs that one man can take.
Like the new colour by the way :)
And don't worry about the hiccuping smoke thing. That happens to me sometimes after eating too many spicy things ;) lol.

See ya! ;)

The Maybe Girl said...

Yes the vets reaction was quite surprising, but it has confirmed that I'm an exotic breed.

The colour is quite dazzling isn't it? I think the photographer did well.

I'm still not convinced the smoke thing is normal though, I haven't even eaten anything spicy! That usually causes havoc with... erm... the other end, hehe.


Wilf said...

Very fetching colour, Fluffy - a bit less threatening maybe. Word of warning; try not to fart and breath fire at the same time, I realise they are from separate ends but you never know...

Anonymous said...

Fluffy, what a fine set of photographs of you! You look quite splendid!

You might want to consider taking a portable fire extinguisher around with you, just in case the smoke turns into anything a little more, erm, fiery.