Thursday, 28 December 2006

Fluffy by name but not by nature...

Lets start with the basics, my name is Fluffy and I live with a family in England. Yes, I'm a pet and I'm still pretty much a baby as you can see from my picture. Most people comment on my name because, well, I'm quite clearly the least fluffy thing you are ever likely to see. Lets be honest, a mouldy carrot has more fluff than me! Why am I called Fluffy then? My owner thought it would be funny... I didn't agree. I wiped the smile off his face when I left a little present on his bed though, hehe.

I'm also suffering an identity crisis (not because of my name), I know this because I read about it in a book. You see I always thought I was a dragon but apparently they don't exist. This left me with a problem, either I'm not a dragon or I don't exist. I am pretty sure I exist, it's hard to type if you don't so that logically means I'm not a dragon. So, after much consideration I came to the conclusion that I must be a rare and exotic breed of dog. My owner suggested I was a hybrid lab experiment gone wrong but he shut up when I waved my bum in the direction of his bedroom.

You know, I think I have this pet thing down to a fine art but I'll share more of that with you another time... I think my owner just found the shoe I chewed up and hid under his bed, oops.

See ya soon



Wilf said...

Nice to meet you, Fluff - no relation to Puff? Thanks for the link, I'll return the compliment! Happy New Year!
Addy (Wilf)

The Maybe Girl said...

Ah yes, nice to meat *cough* meet you too. My owner used to sing of this Puff character, I always thought he'd just had one E number too many.

I may well be related to this creature of dubious existence, who knows!